The Internet can be a scary place, but it can also bring you wonderful gifts. I’m so grateful that Sam reached out to me on Instagram almost three years ago to share a coffee and talk about life things. I was inspired by her fearlessness to begin a new career as an artist and her declaration that we’d be BFF in no time. She was right.

Sam is one of those people with ALL THE IDEAS. She makes you want to drop everything and just MAKE ART. Souls like hers are a rare find and I treasure the time we spend together making photos, planning our world takeover and laughing till it hurts.

I love getting Sam and her work in front of the camera so we set aside a day to play, starting at her Ocean Beach cottage. Then we made our way to Current Collective, a darling shop close to the pier featuring locally made and vintage products and gifts, including a ton of Sam’s paintings. Sam and the owner, Kate, picked out some of their favorite items and Sam styled them up into the perfect vignettes. Sam and Kate also happened to be wearing matching outfits, making them look practically like sisters, which I didn’t hate one bit.

Below is a complete list of vendors featured in the following images. Enjoy!

Samantha Louise Designs

Full Circle Vida
Pan and Tea
Dear Survivor
Julie Marriott
.V. Designs
1502 Candle Co.
PF Candle Co.
Tangible Goods
Idlewild Co.
Grey Theory Mill
Carolyn Suzuki
Odd Daughter
Medium Studio
Anemone Letterpress


Samantha Louise + Current Collective


Photos, churros and time-travel: Three things that will get me to drop everything and book it to Mexico.

Here are some photos from our adventure across the border to visit Daniel and David Peña, two San Diegans who recently moved to Tijuana and turned the ground floor of their apartment building into an art gallery known as Out Here.

The alley across the street is covered in satirical art pieces by Tony Cruz, pieces of construction demo from a former underground drug tunnel that used to exist there, and a fantastic mural by Celeste Byers and Aaron Glasson featuring “the great inter-dimensional traveller Ernesto and his donkey friend entering Tijuana through a portal,” according to Out Here. The photo featuring Daniel and David in front of the mural is featured on the cover of San Diego CityBeat this week.

Toward the bottom of the gallery are a couple of photos from the studio of Carlos Cisneros aka Elsoldelrac, another super-talented artist working out of Tijuana.

Be sure to grab a copy of CityBeat or read the articles by Seth Combs here and here.


We Out Here!


Let go. Be free.

Get after it. Explore the “why.”

Show your work. Be vulnerable. Don’t be a dick.

Follow your fucking bliss.

This is why we do what we do.

Here are some images I created with my talented and wonderful friend Hailley Howard at Photo Field Trip.



Photo Field Trip 2015